DIGIBOOK # 01 “baubles’fountain” by x&dal danzabel

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1st publication date > 2011

2nd publishing date 2023

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>ISBN 97809570089-1-5 

> > 184 pages 
> category: fiction / short stories >  
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> the authess x&al danzabel 

is a well-seasoned word jongleuse of words using stretched language and composition in 

15 baubles of mind feeding short stories

of  brainshaking impact power…

* Baubles’ Fountain *
is conceived… dressed up… edited… proofread… printed… distributed 

These imagination ideas will delight  YOUR MIND which is the interface between your BRAIN and your REALITY all around your esteemed and treassured

skin bag 

The written words are translated by your BRAIN scape causing your memory archives to supply your own  mental imagery …

Thus your  conscious person creates

your very own word dancing reading fun…