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D R N M   –   d e a r r e a d i n g n i c h e m i n d 

 T H E   P A S T 

of thb-teresahewesufabencinic goes way back to 27 07 1938 T h e  male person and   T H E  female person

engaged in terrific sex following the neuron synapsing exchange via their eyes leading to engagement and marriage

The monumental breakthrough of THE sperm from the penis  into the wall of the egg in the womb of the female caused the


of the new life of SMTB set on her pinkprint life path to death and beyond

That is roughly writing THE PAST holding 30567 full days of wildly coloured experiences with everything available on PLANET EARTH or AQUATERRA

The personal and professional achievements included the Degree for Bachelor of Public Media in OBU Oxford and many years of travelling and working in different professional realms and ….w r i t i n g reams of published prose and po’sia now available on this website also…

T H E   P R E S E N T 

holds these facts of memories about humans participating and all of them being in nonphysical UNKNOWN realms by now

Except the 1&only adored and cherished unique  SON R-ME of course!

There is power in living in aware CONSCIOUSNESS as active participantess and observing female person with plans and wishes into what comes next

T o d a y

is the only action scenery providing situations… sometimes premeditated… in THEBRAIN building inside and outside realities of dream substances evolving in the flow of TIME

So… the persona must be fully present in the own skin to try and do the right THING fitting into the ambience of given situations

Is it possible to find the FUN veins in everyTHING?

No indeed not always…The emotional scale is a living neurons game

T H E F U T U R E 

is arriving according to an unknown plan dealing out possibilities of encounters and problems and solutions…

allinall SURPRISES in the living personal are facing in

1 day at 1 time

On this website under construction the

1st DIGIBOOK to appear in the portfolio is 

B A U B L E S ‘   F O U N T A I N   b y   x & a l   d a n z a b e l 

offering 15 short story gems

of different content and impacting the reading brainscape

of your very own memory bank

T h a n k   y o u 

with a wide open fresh 2023 smile

for your visit and taking time to read so far

and coming back as soon as this fresh website

and the ongoing blog

succeed in drawing your generous curiosity power

to their offerings of mind sharing by 



the digiloonbooklerwiththewhitegloves

 G r a t i t u d e   a t t i t u d e 

is the ruling willingness to find the overall strength

to carry out whatsoever life brings along



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