P a p a h a h a – 2 6 D e c e m b e r 1976


“T H I N K I N G ?

“Leave T H I N K I N G  to the HORSES…

They do have the BIGGER HEADS!” 

How often have I heard these words over those 76 years he walked and stood and sat and stretched out somewhere on our planet…

03 March 1910 was the day of his birth

26 December 1976 was the day of his last breath

He was by profession a tailor…

in fact the best tailor there ever was…indeed!



 it was just >  NOWORNEVER!

And when they talked speedily about marriage and all that…he immediatamente said

“And as a 1st child I want a girl…una femmina! …

And when this femmina was born on 02 May 1939 at 6 minutes past 6 in the afternoon…the joy of greeting this 11+ pound bella bimba..was world moving

He shouted trying to put my shouting mouth on his right nipple

“If you would have been a boy…

I would have pushed you back!”

He had had Mamma and Pappa and 4 brothers Whenever he tried to tell the way all boys lost their parents…his voice broke and his tears rolled

One day his Pappa had helped a neighbour to work on his farm house

He fell from the scaffolding down onto an iron rod sticking out of the ground

On his genitals

And bled to death before any help could arrive shortly before his most beloved wife arrived

From that day on she stopped eating and cried herself to death

Love is not always a many splendoured thing…

There certain was and is that special bond between this papahaha and his 1andonly Gitscherle whom he always called by her full given name sonjamariateresa

And now since 26 December 1976 he is the official heaven and sky tailor of all clouds around our globe

with his busy angel crew

So… whenever clouds sail above I wave and blow

un tenero bacio…

And some times rain drops caress my face 

So…LOVE is a many splendoured thing

Soon the website https://www.printingeria.uk

will be ready to receive 

DRNM – dearreadingnicheminds to peruse

30  D I G I B O O K S

of all genres and conceived by very talented writing persons with their works of phantasy and learning



The next clouds bring a smile for the changeover from

2 0 2 2   t o   2 0 2 3  …

...and may your lives be well mixed with

t h i s t h a t a n d t h e o t h e r




in gratitude attitude


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