D R N M   –   D e a r R e a d i n g N i c h e M i n d 

thb-teresahewesufabencinic = 

DWNM – DearWritingNicheMind

= the female B.A.for PUBLISHING MEDIA persona

introducing herself as the responsible authess

reading and looking at YOU from her BRAIN with 2 hemispheres in CURIOSITY mode

for this website

with supporting blog post

This website is the new site following with blog printingerini

The purpose of this new design layout shop team is to open shop for


for the thinking and reading and writing dearreadingnicheminds out there somewhere to offer time filler books of the curiosity enticing kind

The airbent assistant robolino is the digiloonbooklerwiththewhitegloves

the house factotum

rolling thru the ABC letterworld with round brio panache

The real reason from the left hemisphere of thb’s BRAIN realm  however 

R I O M E M t h b – 2 0 2 2 – 1 9 3 8

conceived and doodling along since December 2021 and grown right now to

690 pages… 105,704 words,,, 625.044 characterswithspaces

with birthing pains of preprintediting and preparing this coworking duo of

blog and

sales shop

The book thb is rereading now however since 2021 is a revelation content volume written by



which is a wisdom laden practical and spiritual guide book of the very special kind indeed

and here is a teaser of a po’m of the recent creativity burst 

D O M A N D E   per la thb©thb-teresahewesufabencinic

24/04/2022 06:35:28 version 2


might this female cellpool person move fluidly into the body personality expressing the treasures freely with great joy?


might this female need the skills to balance the cellpool self in the human skin bag?


might this female stretch beyond the comfort zone?


3 things does this female need next?


3 things does this female need to discover that will lead to new kinds

 of self expression?


3 things does this female want next?


activities has this female said this female would never do?


aspects does this female

 want to keep  active for now?


could this female give away?


do the accomplishments of the persons this female admires  are trying to tell

the 2 brain hemispheres  about the flow path of this female?


elements does this female want that are dealbreakers if they do not happen?


is the next courageous act of this female?


new activities does this female see herself doing?


part of this female’s personality is this female willing to let go

without feeling any loss?


parts does this female want to keep so that this female can use them consciously?


skills does this female want to develop

that this female feels have been ignored?


does this female want to  be involved with?


will help catalyse the next level of this female self?


would this female call in if this female knew this female could have it?


does this female admire?

 20 questions rephrased by


found on page 298 of the Book


for the book RIOMEMthb-2022-1938 by thb


Wishing you TANTE BELLE COSE …many beautiful THINGS with a wideopen welcoming rare smile from


and the digiloonbooklerwiththewhitegloves




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